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On the 19 th of December Historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle-Museum hosted the celebration of St. Nicholas Day, which started a series of New Year and Christmas holidays.

Children from different cities came to visit St. Nicholas, who traditionally welcomed everyone and no one was left without a gift.

Younger guests participated in the opening of the Castle Christmas Tree and traditional Ukrainian amusements, and of course met with St. Nicholas for whom they prepared performances as a gift. Everyone had a wonderful opportunity to sit in the hands of a magician, make a wish and to make a photo for memory.

The Radomysl Castle-Museum has a tradition to invite children with severe fate on holidays.

This time the celebration was visited by our countrymen from Radomyshlsky region - kids from the orphanage of family type, as well as orphans and deprived of parental care. After all, St. Nicholas is the saint patron of children and he is particularly attentive to those who is mostly in need of parental love and attention.