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On the 10th of December, 2016 at 12.30 on the territory of a historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle Museum the celebrations dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the publication of "Chasoslov", first printed book in the Central and Eastern Ukraine, will start.

Today, after more than three centuries Radomyshl again becomes one of the centers of spirituality, which spreads knowledge about the history of Ukrainian faith worldwide. Within 5 years more than one hundred twenty thousand tourists from Ukraine, CIS and foreign countries visited the Museum of Ukrainian home icons. Thanks to the founder of the complex - state and public figure Olga Bogomolets, destroyed in the XVII century Papirnya was revived according to old engravings.

To celebrate the anniversary, we prepare series of planned events in historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle Museum. In particular, visitors can see the sheets of Ukrainian ancient handwritten books, facsimile of religious manuscripts, miniatures and copies of the original texts of ancient manuscripts made by famous calligraphy master - Yury Hrapay.

For accreditation to the event, please contact: +380 68 867 02 50