Virtual Tour


December 18th, 2016


To this day we have prepared a fairy magic program! You will enjoy a magical Christmas tree ignition, concert program, meeting and interesting adventure with St. Nicholas! Each obedient kid will receive a gift from the Radomysl Castle Museum!

You will have an opportunity to hold a mini-photo session with Nicholas at the beautiful Christmas tree and make a wish, touching the unique stone icon of St. Nicholas, which will come true!

During these holidays we are pleased to invite you to:

  • create your own unique Christmas toy;
  • try a festive meal at the Restaurant of ancient cuisine «Via Regia»;
  • visit the Museum of Ukrainian home icon and a new interactive tour "Secrets of the Castle Tower";
  • make a paper sheet according to an ancient technology during the workshop in Castle Papirnya.

To purchase tickets, please contact:

+38 097 070 10 07
+38 095 412 34 25