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On the 14th of January, at 17:00 Radomysl Castle-Museum invites you to be a Guest of our “Bard Evening by the Fireside”.

Concert without tinsel and special effects - only the most important: heartfelt emotions, good wishes, gentle guitar overflow, beautiful poetry and nice people. Warm meeting of friends who have not seen each other for ages. Every performance on the stage - it's a story about a heart that hurts, that pleases, the dreams and hopes of life.

Ballad music has magical powers: it makes us a little kinder, gives hope and faith that all will be well.

The concert will be attended by famous Ukrainian bards, such as Timur Bobrowski, Andrew Dligach, Yuri Gusev, Vladimir Semenov, Irina Korotych Natalia Khomenko, Marija Starozhitskaja, Olga Bogomolets, Igor Zhuk and Irene Rozdobudko.

Bards will sing their songs in a cozy atmosphere by the fireplace in the Concert Hall of the Castle. As hospitable hosts we will offer every our Guest a warm welcome, pleasant food compliment, great music and good emotions!

To purchase tickets, please call:
+38 097 070 10 07
+38 068 867 02 50