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On the 9th of July creative group "Extremely simple" presents a new social photo project "Beauty without limits" in the historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle-Museum and invites you to the opening of the social photo-project "Beauty Without Limits", which will take place at 2 p.m.

The purpose of the project is to show that the beauty and charm of Ukrainian women does not disappear. Women change, enrich by experience and wisdom which only emphasize the feminine essence of Ukrainians.

Three Kyiv artists - photographer, designer and makeup artist - continue to break the general adopted "glossy" standards, demonstrating that women who are the true embodiment of beauty are between us every day. Authors selected women older than 45 years, and showed how they change when just mention that they first of all are women and then mothers, grandmothers, professionals and the main support of the family.

Previously, the exhibition was held in Kiyv, Lutsk.

Entrance to the exhibition hall for visitors of the historical and cultural complex is free.